Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now I know where that lullaby comes from...

The other day when Shortcake and I went to the little park down the street from our house this is what we saw. There is a BABY in there, ASLEEP, hanging from a TREE!!! Now, this didn't come as too much of shock to me since it is something I have seen here before. In fact it is a very common practice. I think little baby's mother was doing some construction work just a few feet away and so she let her baby, hang out (pun intended) so she could keep working. The fabric is probably an old sari. It's clothing, it's a baby bed/hammock, so versatile!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy "Holi"day!

What is this tie dyed baby all about, you ask? Well, yesterday was a festival here called, Holi. It celebrates the end of the winter season. About time, given that the temperature is already nearly 100!

People celebrate by throwing colored powder on each othe
r. By the end of it all you are usually every color in the rainbow and soaking wet. We played first thing in the morning as a family. It was a blast! Shortcake, our daughter LOVED it!

Color is "colour" here.

Can you see why we call her Shortcake? Just the slightest tint of red :)

There are two kinds of Holi colors. The VERY permanent (we're talking pink & green hair for 2 weeks kind) and the not so permanent, the kind we used for Shortcake. This little guy walked up to us with a sprite bottle full of the permanent dye and a sinister plan. I've worked in schools as an SLP in the past, I know about boys his age and knew exactly what he had in mind and was able to head off his little plan just in time! We gave him some of our non-permanent powder to put on Shortcake instead. I think he was OK with the compromise! I was definitely OK with the compromise since it would mean 1) that my camera would be safe, and 2) that I wouldn't still be finding hot pink dye behind my daughter's ears on her fifth birthday.

And we ended with this keeper! Aren't you jealous?! All we ever get to dye in springtime in America is eggs. In India you can dye your baby and no one will think a thing about it :)
Happy Monday!