Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Fun-day... Second Edition

For family day last Monday we went to our city's botanical gardens. I only recently found out that they have botanical gardens here and had been wanting to check it out. It made for a fun day outdoors! Which is kind of hard to come by in the big city.

Daddy played her current favorite song on the way there. Can you tell it's her favorite?

Right when you walk in there is a cage with some bunnies... not sure why. That seems counterproductive to me as far as gardens are concerned, but I guess that's why they are in a cage?

There were nice picnic grounds...

pretty flowers...

and new friends to be made.

There was a playground for kids. Some little girls who were there playing were so intrigued with Shortcake. They came up and wanted to help her.

In India guy friends are more affectionate, i.e. they hold hands, put their arms around each other... These guys are just two friends hanging out at the park together. Still seems so odd and funny to us Americans though.

I find typos so entertaining! Every native language in India uses an alphabet other than the Latin alphabet used in English. So they are used to just spelling words phonetically. This could make teaching my daughter spelling extra challenging! Oh, and their "ethanic" food was really only bags of chips and pop, haha!

There was a trampoline so Daddy and Shortcake checked it out. It was her first time on a trampoline. I think we have a winner.

She was holding a potato chip("ethanic" food) and would not let go of it!

Her hair in this one is priceless!

Now trying it on her own.

By the end she decided it was way more fun for Daddy to hold her and jump because she got to go higher than she could on her own, our little thrill seeker!

Special Delivery!

I liked watching Mr. Rogers as a kid. I know I'm probably in the minority of people who will admit that, but it's true! I always loved when the mailman (can't remember his name) would come and leave a package. He'd always say, "special delivery!" We ALWAYS feel special when we get mail from the states. Shortcake got fun birthday package from her aunt and uncle a few days ago. She was napping when it came and I decided that we'd save the package and not open it until her Aunt Sarah woke up and could get on skype to watch her open it. I made the tragic mistake of not hiding the package until it was time to open it though. I forgot how few days it had been since she got to rip into her presents at her birthday party, silly me!

She had just woke up from her nap, hence the really crazy hair. I will concede that it's always kinda crazy since it's half curly half straight and kind of a mullet right now. Ok, it IS a mullet right now, but I am scared to cut her hair!

She immediately started ripping the paper off the outside. We let her since we knew that she couldn't get the packing tape ripped open by herself and we were still waiting for it to get late enough to call. So sad that no one will help her!

She looks like she's not sure if she's supposed to be doing this.

I was thoroughly impressed that the wrapping paper was even still on it, since some of the packages we've gotten in the past are so beat up that the box isn't even square anymore! The saying, "I love you too much," is from Mark's younger brother Joel when he was little. Now the whole family uses it all the time :)

Almost has all the paper off. Now how do we stall her a little longer?!

Yay! Aunt Sarah's up and on skype :)

She was so excited about her Disney Princess band-aids! She got lots of goodies, including some yummy candy. There were even some things for mom and dad- some new maternity clothes for me (will be needing these a LOT sooner, what they say about subsequent pregnancies is true you do show sooner!) and a Dr. Pepper cake for Mark.

This is one of her first tastes of Sour Patch Kids. I am so sorry to say I didn't get a picture of her initial reaction. The pucker was priceless! But fortunately Aunt Sarah got to see her do it on web-cam :)

Thanks Alton, Sarah, and baby M for the awesome package! We loved everything you sent and most of all we love you too much!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

InstaFriday Time!

I can't believe it's already Friday again! Where did the week go?

Here's a peek into what we've been up to via cell phone pics:

She is starting to pretend play more and more. Her bubble wands became mascara, eye shadow, and then nail polish. I got a free manicure out of the deal.

Stopping to pose at the park.

Very interesting plant we saw at the park- purple leaves with purple flowers...

Playing with a friend. They were turning an old air conditioner into a drum.

Snacktime... Shortcake insisted on eating her popcorn in a very civilized and proper way.

Construction going on outside our living room window.

Trying some sour patch kids that she got in a birthday package from her aunt. I think she's not sure whether to pucker or smile.

Happy Friday...hope your weekend makes you smile, not pucker!

life rearranged

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breaking and entering...

We have been victims, if not of breaking, of entering at least...
A few mornings ago as I was getting Shortcake up for the morning I noticed a little "visitor" in her room. Something was moving over by her bathroom door. My first thought was, "mouse!" Then as I looked closer I realize the "mouse" didn't have any fur. It was frog. I do not kid! I grabbed my broom and opened the front door for the sequel of this post.

Here's our little friend in the middle of my dining room floor.

And again once we got him safely outside.

Just in case you aren't already impressed with my safe and effective reptile broom removal skills, let me add that the entire time I was holding a 26lb. two year old in one hand and a broom in the other. She wanted so much to get down and play with Mr. Frog, but I knew that wouldn't end well for anyone. Sorry Shortcake, no pet reptiles in your future, even ones that literally drop in on you :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Insta... Sunday

Well according to the wisdom of Rebecca Black, I am a couple days late for InstaFriday, "...and Sunday comes afterwaaarrrds." But I figured I would go ahead and do it for 3 reasons:
1. Because I'm a mom, so Friday is no different from any other day, but I'm grateful for that :)
2. Mark's weekend starts on Sunday, so it's almost like Friday, right?
3. It's my blog; my rules apply; InstaFriday on Sunday is allowed!

Aquarium at a local mall. Shortcake was very entertained.

She picked out her entire outfit... We figured she must be showing some love for all the K-staters on our team.

Our local "Kinko's"

Kiddie ride at the mall. She wasn't all that impressed with the actual ride part. She preferred to just sit in the driver's seat and pretend to drive without the ride even being on.

In India, pharmacies are called, "Chemists." This is my favorite and it's close to our house.

Our front gate is padlocked, as is the front door of our house when we are gone, really! She is absolutely fascinated by locks and keys. We have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't lose any important ones.

Made a trip to a local hardware store to buy some chicken wire to make one of these.Pictures and post about it to follow.

And last, but certainly not least, look who's coming to town. Right down the street from us might I add? Welcome to the neighborhood, Pops!

life rearranged

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She's two... boo hoo!

Shortcake is TWO today and I'm having a hard time admitting it. She has grown up SO fast!

It was actually a really anticlimactic birthday because we had her party on Sunday, but she partied enough on Sunday to make up for it :)

Warming up the crowd.

My first attempt at a three layer cake. It turned out ok, but I got the icing too runny and I had to put it in the freezer to keep it from collapsing.

Her first look at her cake. She looks a little suspicious for some reason.

I got so caught up in making decorations and the cake that I forgot candles! Lame, I know... So what did we do? Substituted matches instead. We are well aware of how redneck that sounds :)

Present time. This girl LOVES books!

She was so excited about the book that she didn't want to move onto other presents.

She got a color Magna Doodle. She was really excited about it. She has played with it every day since.

She got a Disney princess doll, Sleeping Beauty. Did you know that Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora? I do now! I told her that her doll is a princess, so since then she has started saying "princess."

The last gift we brought out was this little furball. She was so excited. She absolutely loves dogs, loves!

Walking her new "pet."

I love this picture. She is a happy girl!

She decided to try on Aurora's shoes. The girl is obsessed with shoes.

She then decided to try and put Aurora's shoes on CH. Not sure how I feel about those tiny pink flats with black dress socks! But it was fun game.

Speaking of shoes, she got some adorable light up tennis shoes. She had to model them right away. She had plenty of helpers and admirers.

She's getting one more present, but she'll have to wait until February!

Shortcake will be getting a new nickname- Big Sister!!! We are thrilled. She doesn't seem to share our enthusiasm yet. I think we have conditioned her to say "no" to the questions because we laugh at her. She just seems so sure of herself when she says it, but I am convinced that will all change. She's going to be a great big sister. I just know it!