Monday, August 22, 2011

Special Delivery!

I liked watching Mr. Rogers as a kid. I know I'm probably in the minority of people who will admit that, but it's true! I always loved when the mailman (can't remember his name) would come and leave a package. He'd always say, "special delivery!" We ALWAYS feel special when we get mail from the states. Shortcake got fun birthday package from her aunt and uncle a few days ago. She was napping when it came and I decided that we'd save the package and not open it until her Aunt Sarah woke up and could get on skype to watch her open it. I made the tragic mistake of not hiding the package until it was time to open it though. I forgot how few days it had been since she got to rip into her presents at her birthday party, silly me!

She had just woke up from her nap, hence the really crazy hair. I will concede that it's always kinda crazy since it's half curly half straight and kind of a mullet right now. Ok, it IS a mullet right now, but I am scared to cut her hair!

She immediately started ripping the paper off the outside. We let her since we knew that she couldn't get the packing tape ripped open by herself and we were still waiting for it to get late enough to call. So sad that no one will help her!

She looks like she's not sure if she's supposed to be doing this.

I was thoroughly impressed that the wrapping paper was even still on it, since some of the packages we've gotten in the past are so beat up that the box isn't even square anymore! The saying, "I love you too much," is from Mark's younger brother Joel when he was little. Now the whole family uses it all the time :)

Almost has all the paper off. Now how do we stall her a little longer?!

Yay! Aunt Sarah's up and on skype :)

She was so excited about her Disney Princess band-aids! She got lots of goodies, including some yummy candy. There were even some things for mom and dad- some new maternity clothes for me (will be needing these a LOT sooner, what they say about subsequent pregnancies is true you do show sooner!) and a Dr. Pepper cake for Mark.

This is one of her first tastes of Sour Patch Kids. I am so sorry to say I didn't get a picture of her initial reaction. The pucker was priceless! But fortunately Aunt Sarah got to see her do it on web-cam :)

Thanks Alton, Sarah, and baby M for the awesome package! We loved everything you sent and most of all we love you too much!!!

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