Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Fun-day... Second Edition

For family day last Monday we went to our city's botanical gardens. I only recently found out that they have botanical gardens here and had been wanting to check it out. It made for a fun day outdoors! Which is kind of hard to come by in the big city.

Daddy played her current favorite song on the way there. Can you tell it's her favorite?

Right when you walk in there is a cage with some bunnies... not sure why. That seems counterproductive to me as far as gardens are concerned, but I guess that's why they are in a cage?

There were nice picnic grounds...

pretty flowers...

and new friends to be made.

There was a playground for kids. Some little girls who were there playing were so intrigued with Shortcake. They came up and wanted to help her.

In India guy friends are more affectionate, i.e. they hold hands, put their arms around each other... These guys are just two friends hanging out at the park together. Still seems so odd and funny to us Americans though.

I find typos so entertaining! Every native language in India uses an alphabet other than the Latin alphabet used in English. So they are used to just spelling words phonetically. This could make teaching my daughter spelling extra challenging! Oh, and their "ethanic" food was really only bags of chips and pop, haha!

There was a trampoline so Daddy and Shortcake checked it out. It was her first time on a trampoline. I think we have a winner.

She was holding a potato chip("ethanic" food) and would not let go of it!

Her hair in this one is priceless!

Now trying it on her own.

By the end she decided it was way more fun for Daddy to hold her and jump because she got to go higher than she could on her own, our little thrill seeker!

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